With love, From India - Inspired by tradition, modern in outlook

With love, From India - Inspired by tradition, modern in outlook

Welcome to a World where tradition meets fashion.

As we bring Saaki to different parts of the world, we want to be able to share our joy, love and care with you along with each piece. Rooted in our Indian ethos and looking at the world with  curious eyes we're delighted to bring you our design journey.

Each design we've created has a story to tell. They're not just designs but an expression of an interesting entwinement of the new and old.

We want to be a global brand with an Indian heart. Natural Indigo Kurtas and sarees, Modern Indian Dresses with sophisticated looks and patterns is what today's women prefer. 

We design outfits with so much love and care that you can proudly call it my Saaki outfit. The secret behind our design is that it can be worn for any occasion. We'll take you on a tour of the wonderful journey we've taken to bring you the best.

Falling in love with yourself is the first secret to happiness. You're going to spend the most amount of time with yourself. So why not enjoy your own company? Why not to be the person you would love to be with!!

Join us in taking a moment to tell you about how our designs and outfits are curated with love and care. We're sure you'll return with a lot of positivity, self-love, happiness, and, of course, amazing pictures of you proudly owning Saaki to show off!!!

Over a year we have been nurturing our designs that celebrate style from an Indian perspective. 

Indigo Natural dye hand blocking craft

We present you with our Indigo Prints and Looms, which reflect our rich Indian heritage. It is intended to be a simple, everyday collection.

 Did you know the significance of blue rooted in our culture?

Blue is associated with the creation of the world, a new beginning, the harvest, and happiness. We started our journey with the Neelam collection. Despite the fact that this fabric is made of traditional natural dye, we added a fun twist to our Indigo prints with a refreshing blue hand blocked polka stripes combination.

Our next journey began in the culture where east meets west to give you that perfect look. Though the colours can be referred to as teal and maroon, each has its own history. Maroon represents creativity, warmth, and beauty. Teal, a blue-green harmony—a total rejuvenation with clarity and calmness. Both colours are inspired by the French and Indian cultures, giving it a subtle as well as a bold appearance. We used our Indian loom fabric in this colour to bring out your inner confident woman. So you can proudly call yourself a Saaki woman when you wear it.

Our needle and prints story

Our prints and embroideries are hidden among the seasonal delights. To be able to scribble down any thoughts or doodle around as you catch the early morning sun, playing with delicate blooms and savouring the new season. Inspired by the seasons' floral blooms that uplift the spirit and to celebrate nature's joys, motifs were reimagined to give a new silhouette with a refreshing colour palette.


An elite stardust elegance

Banaras is the epitome of grace and destined for celebrations! They are a mash-up of centuries-old craftsmanship, history, and tradition. We reimagined over time to bring forth this splendid banarasi sarees and jewel tone Kurtis to make it a statement attire to be preserved for everyday celebrations that your wardrobe requires.

It has been an amazing journey with so many learnings of design , It's our promise to create beautiful designs handcrafted with grace that everyone asks for!

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