#OneWithSaaki 💜

#OneWithSaaki 💜

Dear Saaki Family,

As we complete our 1st ever year, we want to thank you for being a part of this unforgettable 365 days with us! 

You’ve blessed us with unconditional support & appreciation for our brand, and it feels surreal.

The past year at Saaki has been nothing short of a joyous roller-coaster ride. We’ve touched many hearts and reached milestones unimagined. And, we’re incredibly grateful to each of YOU for making this happen. 

A little more ABOUT US ✨

Saaki came to life with Samantha and Sushruthi, co-creating a one-of-its-kind iconic lifestyle brand.  

Saaki is a new, modern eclectic lifestyle brand that offers tasteful choices to today’s women. We describe it as Authentic, Subtle & Classic. 

We believe that every woman is incredible and fashion at Saaki empowers women to take on every role in life and celebrates them for who they are!

Samantha, our muse, envisioned Saaki to be a brand representing everyday fashion that’s easily accessible to all and brings to life her sense of style – feminine yet edgy. 

She says, “I’ve always loved fashion and wanted to build a brand with great fashion being accessible to all and expressive of every individual. With Saaki, I was able to bring that dream to life. I make sure that every piece in our collection encompasses self-expression and has an element of me in it.”

Saaki has been, is, and will always be a reflection of Samantha’s style. 🦋


Our Community 💯

We’re beyond grateful to have a Saaki family that showers us with so much love and support. Seeing the fiercely loyal #SaakiWomen across the globe dressed in our styles feels magical and is what motivates us to jump out of bed every day.

We’ve received hundreds of sweet messages, Saaki-look pictures, personal stories, and suggestions in the past year. And, all of this has made Saaki what it is today.

Saaki, in a very short period, has managed to please its audience globally. We’re loved and shipping in over 15 countries and plan on expanding further very shortly!

Sushruthi, our founder, believes that the brand has also been successful because of its highly talented and passionate team. “The team always brings new ideas to the table and executes them in the most interesting and unique ways possible. Despite the brand being launched during the pandemic, it has seen tremendous growth and is ready for a new phase in the coming year.”

More on the First-Year Celebrations 🎉

Saaki’s first anniversary is an ode to its customers and the online Community. 

We at Saaki believe that our customers and online Community have helped us reach this celebratory milestone. Their feedback, purchases, social media engagement, and support in so many ways has brought us a long way. 

Hence, our theme for the celebration is #OnewithSaaki. 

#OneWithSaaki represents Saaki turning ONE. It is also a testament to the fact that we’re one with the Community that has brought us this far, for which we will forever be grateful. #OneWithSaaki is the very foundation of our vision & values!

We decided on a week-long celebration for our anniversary with super fun game nights, social media shoutouts, giveaways, special discount offers, and customised gift boxes for our members and loved ones.

We were ecstatic to witness such vast participation, and this week has undoubtedly found its way in the books of history.

It has been a dream come true to connect with our audience and constantly give them the best of fashion!

Here are some snippets from the big celebration 🥳


What’s coming next excites us greatly, and we’re looking forward to having a newer audience explore our brand!

Join us as we embark on this new year of fashion exploration and self-expression together. 💜

Keep shopping with us and stay tuned on our social media for news on new arrivals, product launches, and Sam’s iconic recommendations.



                                                                                   Shikha Assudani

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