Day 1-The Luminous Yellow

Day 1-The Luminous Yellow

An Indian festival dedicated to the ever-so-fierce Goddess Durga, Navratri pans across nine nights of worship, celebration, dance, and devotion! 

The nine days of this divine fiesta signify the worship of nine forms/avatars of Ma Durga. 

Since India is a land of rich culture, diverse rituals and fascinating colours, Navratri is celebrated across nine colours, each representing one of the nine days. 

This festival celebrates the light, fire, and power of every woman attributed to Goddess Durga.

Here at Saaki, every day is a celebration of the spark, passion, and independence of women through fashion.

We’re commemorating this nine-day carnival in the way we do it best - by sharing some stunning Saaki looks and Sam’s recommendations for the festivity.

We’ll be presenting 9 striking festive looks, 1 every day, with some styling tips to help you shine through these days of fun and frolic.

Day 1 of Navratri heralds the worship of Mata Shailputri, the daughter of the mountains. This form of Goddess Durga symbolises Mother Nature. It is believed that worshipping Mata Shailputri brings fortune and good luck to one’s family.

The day is associated with the colour Yellow representing brightness and cheer in one’s life. 

Here’s celebrating the joyous, cheerful and dazzling woman in each of you through our glorious Sunehri Kurta Set.

Elegantly crafted with the finest crepe silk, this off-white & yellow set is festive in its truest sense with a round-neck bodice, 3/4th sleeves and lace details. The floral prints on the bottoms & dupatta are like a breath of fresh, crisp morning air!

 Perfect for an intimate day-ceremony or a marvellous dance night, this one’s a wardrobe staple tailor-made to complement the season.

Pair this outfit with statement gold earrings, mid-finger rings, gold-coloured footwear, a perfect brown lip for the day, or a bold red lip for the evening!


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By Shikha Assudani

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